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Not Upto the mark | Very bad experience

They do not provide any extra SSL for any other domain, FOr a while this may be okay, BUt IONOS team charges a minimum 20$ for an SSL certificate, seriously. Are you guys serious? The support team was good during the chat, but the first guys just ended my chat without any message or reply, why?

Here are good and Bad points About IONOS

Good points :
+shared web hosting is great, 5/5
+Fast website performance
+you can add another contract to the same account
+Single domain SSL installation is superb.
+1 Year web host charge only 6$ Great, after they will charge you 10$/ per month it is amazing after your website starts earning. they are giving a chance.
+upto 2 Gb Ram in Shared hosting which is great
+upto 5Gb Space best for a beginner(Highest Plan Webspace)
+ best for any beginners
+best for just trying out their plans.
+websites redirects option(but a tricky and tough process)
+if you allow money on every step then it is great to be with them.

Bad points :
-UI is outdated and garbage
-any beginner and uptrend team did UI designing for a custom landing page in Ionos websites (Horrible UI Experience)
-If you do not take your steps carefully, then they will charge you at every point.
-during WordPress installations they will charge you extra(hidden charges without letting you know)
-A bit careless and they will charge you an extra amount.
– any point you miss they will charge you extra.
-SSL purchase is Hightste rate ever seen by any other hosting provider. (20$ and above starts)
Too rude in email writing: see this message written by ionos team ( If the invoice is more than 15 days past due, we reserve the right, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, to limit or refuse our services and, if necessary, to terminate the entire contract without notice even without prior deactivation. You will then lose all services associated with it, including domains.)
-Directs warning no excuse just there was a delay in PayPal amount,
-Greedy company
– they almost made PayPal block my account ( while since 2012 my PayPal account is in operation)
-they will slave your Paypal account or your credit card SO that the Ionos team can charge any amount according to them (I do not like this type of transaction )
-less web space only 5 GB web space HDD in shared Business hosting account while in shared hosting other companies are offering almost 10GB to 300GB
– IONOS said min25 GB and Max 200GB but the actual web space you will get is 5GB While shared RAM is almost 2GB. (
576 MB of unlimited used

27.900 of 262.144 used

Connected domains)
-SOme bunch of bad people at ionos who will terminate your account at any time . which is not fair.
-UI is totally garbage – it took me more than 2 hours, how to install WordPress, quite critical UI -outdated,
-Lack of proper navigation.
– pointing external domain is a headache( IT took me hours to find out this and later I googled it and on random websites, I read articles on how to point the external domain at IONOS,
-domain DNS is tough to find ( no proper navigation) ( difficult to find for anyone)
-SSL Pricy and at a higher rate. ( host is cheap while SSL is too costly)
-You have to be careful at any task, if you simply click on any product, you may end up paying high fees.

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